Wild magazine adds Ezygonow’s Pee-Wee Bag to the Wishlist

One of Ezygonow’s handy little products, the Pee-Wee Unisex Urine Bag, made it into the Wishlist section of Wild magazine recently. Wild magazine is Australia’s wilderness adventure magazine which has a dedicated section on “new and noteworthy products for your inner gear geek.” Read more


What’s Up Downunder reviews our GO anywhere Toilet Kit

Recently, the GO anywhere toilet kit supplied by Ezygonow had a feature review in the What’s Up Downunder magazine. This is another top Australian magazine featuring many outdoor-related topics, reviews and tips.


You may find this information a bit too basic, but it is essential information for people who are into backpacking and trekking through pristine areas. It could also be very useful to travellers who are “caught short.” This product is called the GO anywhere toilet kit. You can have a single one, like the one in the photo, or upgrade to a complete toilet with a portable room.




This small one can be used as it comes. If you are caught short then it is time to open the kit. There is not much in there that you can see, but it packs a lot of hidden punch. First off is that you can use the large plastic bag as the toilet. You can arrange this one as a liner in a bucket if it helps!

Read more


Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures reviews our Portable Toilet

Ezygonow has had product reviews featured in some of the top Australian outdoor magazines. The GO anywhere portable toilet, one of Ezygonow’s most popular products, was featured in the prestigious Pat Callinan 4×4 Adventures magazine. It was reviewed by one of the crew themselves, in the outback. Read more

New “Toilet in a Bag” Available Now!

Ezygonow is proud to announce the launch of a brand new product… the Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag.

Available to buy now, this is a D.I.Y. “no frills” version of the Cleanwaste GO anywhere Toilet Kit.

Each Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag pack contains 15 toilet bags (with handles), 15 treatments of Poo Powder waste treatment and 1 scoop. Poo Powder gels and solidifies liquid waste to a solid. Poo Powder encapsulates solid waste (once activated by a liquid), controls odour and contains a decay catalyst to break down solid waste.

A Toilet in a Bag can be used with portable toilets, buckets or by itself. Perfect to store in emergency kits and backpacks too. No toilet paper, no disposal bag, no hand wipe included.

The Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag provides an easy ‘way to go’ when bathroom facilities are unavailable, unsafe or unsanitary.

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