Each GO anywhere toilet kit includes two bags. A waste collection bag is pre-loaded with Poo Powder gelling and deodorising agent that encapsulates liquid and solid waste (Poo Powder must be activated by a liquid to properly encapsulate the solid waste). The used waste bag is put into a puncture-resistant zip-close waste disposal bag. Toilet paper and hand wipes are also included in each kit. The bags can be used  in a portable toilet, bucket or by themselves.

One bag is included with each GO anywhere portable toilet and fifteen bags are included with each GO anywhere total system.

Each waste kit gels up to  946 ml, meaning it can be used multiple times if people choose to do so. Poo Powder pre-loaded in the bags must be activated by a liquid to properly encapsulate the solid waste and the gel keeps on working until fully saturated. Extra waste treatment powder, Poo Powder (available in individual containers), can be added between uses also. Extra toilet paper and hand wipes may be needed.

If you allowed 2 kits per person, per day, you would probably need  about 48 GO anywhere toilet kits.

Poo Powder is a waste treatment powder that gels and solidifies liquid waste to a solid. Poo Powder encapsulates solid waste and controls odour and contains a decay catalyst with natural enzymes to break down the solid waste. The powder must be activated by a liquid to begin the encapsulation process. Pre-loaded in the Pee-Wee unisex urine bags and the GO anywhere toilet kits.

Do not allow pets or people to ingest the contents of the products. If powder accidentally comes in contact with eyes, flush with water immediately. If ingested administer large amounts of water as soon as possible. Seek medical advice.

Do not flush Poo Powder waste treatment powder, GO anywhere toilet kits or Pee-Wee unisex urine bags in working toilets, septic systems and wastewater treatment plants.

This toilet stands approximately 36cm off the floor which is similar to a standard household toilet.

Turn the toilet upside down so the legs are pointing upwards. Press out against the tab holding the legs open, with your thumb, one at a time. The leg will now fold as you push it past the tab.

Yes, the toilet kits can be used in a bucket, with other portable toilets or by themselves.

Put the tent on the ground and put the elbows of the tent facing upwards, so it looks like spider legs. Take hold of the rope that is in the centre of the shelter, pull upwards and lock the hinges into place with pressure above and below these hinges. Then lock the lower hinges into place.

3 ground flaps attached to the tent walls, stakes and tie-downs are used to secure the shelter to the ground. Place rocks etc onto the ground flaps for anchorage.

When the toilet is set-up the lid can be placed under the back legs of the toilet for extra stability on softer terrain. For this reason the lid is intended to be removed when the toilet is set-up.

The optional bottom cover can be used like the top cover for extra stability. Its main purpose is to ensure complete closure of the toilet once folded up, thus eliminating dirt and bugs inside the toilet when it is not being used.

This is indefinite but they must be kept out of direct sunlight and must not get wet.

We’ve tried to make the online buying experience as simple as possible, but we understand that not everyone is confident buying goods online. Please visit our distributors page for more information.

The products and their contents before and after use should not be flushed or placed into toilets, septic systems or wastewater treatment plants or systems. The used bags are not to be buried. The EPA’s/EPU’s in the States and Territories of Australia have classified the used GO anywhere Toilet Kits as “Solid” (putrescible) waste (household waste, incontinence pads and sanitary napkins are in the same category). Ezygonow advises that some local councils may have their own regulations.

Ezygonow makes no representations that the Products have been tested or meet the Australian Standard for Biodegradability (AS4736-2006) in Australia.

No this shelter is not see-through. In complete darkness outside and with a light on inside the shelter you cannot even see a silhouette of a person if they are standing directly under the light. Similarly with a light on behind the shelter you cannot see anyone in the shelter. You can only see a faint shadow if you are directly up against the wall of the shelter.

No, the optional portable toilet bottom-cover is used when the toilet is packed up for storage/while travelling to keep the unit fully enclosed.

Yes. Used toilet paper can be put into the waste collection bags. It will not compromise the effectiveness of the powder turning to gel. However, if the user is trying to extend the life of the bags, an extra scoop of Poo Powder would need to be added to the bag. This Poo Powder can be purchased separately either in small or large containers.

Yes. The bags supplied by Ezygonow can be used to line an already existing toilet in a caravan to eliminate the need for chemicals and emptying cassettes. Use the bag then remove from the toilet. The Ezygonow products and their contents before and after use should not be flushed or placed into toilets, septic systems or wastewater treatment plants or systems.

Alternatively, if there is no toilet in a caravan the GO anywhere portable toilet can be set up in a caravan and used with the GO anywhere toilet kits and Toilet in a Bag products supplied by Ezygonow.

According to the manufacturer of Cleanwaste products: “Just a drop of liquid will initiate the gelling process of the powder. If you are experiencing a dry solid waste elimination, add an ounce of liquid. This way you are encapsulating the solid waste without using all of the gel.”

See our portable bathroom products in action with the Ezygonow product video series.