I was a bit confused with the products but then the lady helped me on the phone and then I understood exactly what I needed for my trip.

The owner went above and beyond so I could receive my products quickly. Thank you

Used them for the Simpson Desert. Great stuff

Any outdoor enthusiast would be silly not to keep some of these products with them. Good work team

Good product

“The GO anywhere privacy shelter is so easy to put up and take down – even by yourself. Strong too. Plenty of space. Worth spending extra money on this product, others are cheap and nasty.”

“I never have to empty a porta-loo again… yay!”

“The GO anywhere portable toilet is unbelievably compact! It allows more room in our camper trailer. No smelly chemicals either.”

“The GO anywhere toilet kits makes waste disposal easy. No more digging holes in the bush.”

“We found the GO anywhere toilet kits very useful and easy to use. Nothing comparable on the retail market.”

“They filled a need and were simple to use.”

“After the first trial they were easy to use. I found them to be very hygienic.”

“The Pee-Wee unisex urine bags and the toilet kits are handy to keep in the glove- box for when the kids gotta go!”

“The GO anywhere portable toilet has allowed more remote  family camping adventures as we don’t have to stay where there are toilets available.”

“The GO anywhere total system is great for travelling – everything you need fits into a backpack. The whole system works well. Genius.”

“I purchased a GO anywhere portable toilet to use on my boat. Brilliant…what more can I say.”

“Oh…the wag bags! They worked well – so much better than a porta loo that would have been provided in a different circumstance and location. Seriously – when you look at other events where participants dig holes – that would have been awful…”

“It was so simple to use. I am so relieved it was available.”

“I am a trucker and I never go anywhere without my GO anywhere portable toilet and waste kits. No need to stop at unsanitary rest stops.”

“All good given that it was probably the best solution to toilet problems faced by organisers.”

“My wife insists on her own bathroom when we go camping – the GO anywhere total system is the perfect solution. The toilet and tent fit into the backpack well. The tent withstands strong winds with the anchors. The toilet is very sturdy. Thank you!”

“The Ezygonow bags were a very neat, tidy and effective way to deal with the ablution side of camp life. The sachet of toilet paper and hygiene wipe was a very useful feature and the pretty blue bag added a bit of style to the experience as well!”

“Durable GO anywhere toilet kit bags. No odour when used correctly. Will keep using for all our camping trips. Recommend extra toilet paper and hand wipes though.”

“I keep Pee-Wee unisex urine bags in my glove-box for emergencies.”

“You can actually get the privacy shelter back in the bag – and easily!”

“I have incontinence issues so I always keep some Pee-Wee unisex urine bags in my handbag. These give me peace of mind, and freedom.”

“Easy to use once you overcome the initial dislike of the thought of using it!”

“I thought they were a fantastic product given the number of people and the location. I found them easy to use, total lack of smell, brilliant. I have already recommended them to some camping friends.”

“Pee-Wee unisex urine bags are brilliant for hiking, hunting, rock-climbing, camping, kayaking etc.”

Brilliant products. Highly recommend for any outdoors person

“The perfect travel urinal. Compact. Convenient.”

“I suppose if you’ve got to use one then the Ezygonow ones were as good as any!”

“I don’t ever need to use communal toilet blocks again! Thank you!”

“I purchased the GO anywhere privacy shelter to use with our portable shower. The loop- hole holds our shower nozzle perfectly. Well worth the price.”

“Good product.”

“Never had the pleasure of using it before, but got used to it.”

“First time I have seen them and used them, very easy to use, had no problems using them.”

“As a back-up for emergencies when there is no running water available, I bought the GO anywhere toilet kits. I keep them in my emergency kit.”

“So much space in the GO anywhere privacy shelter. We use one as an extra changing area. This could be used for so many situations. This would be a must for construction workers.”

“The poo bags took a few times to get the gist of how to use easily, then all was OK – a good system.”

“I am involved with bushwalking and trekking. I take the GO anywhere kits with me every time.”

“Worked very well and certainly better than leaving a series of pits behind.”

“The Director of Ezygonow is very helpful.”

“Easy to use, fun to use but most importantly extremely necessary and appreciated.”


“Initially was sceptical of the toilet kits and their usefulness. Now convinced of the hygienic and environmental properties and would use them again and recommend to others.”

“It was a truly scary first morning of the Trek but by day 2 it became the norm. There is no other solution to the problem so its all good.”

“A very good way to deal with this situation.”

“They worked very well and easy to use. Great idea.”

“Given the outback locations the wag bags seemed to meet all requirements.”

With so many glowing endorsements from happy customers it’s time to find out more.