What’s Up Downunder reviews our GO anywhere Toilet Kit

Recently, the GO anywhere toilet kit supplied by Ezygonow had a feature review in the What’s Up Downunder magazine. This is another top Australian magazine featuring many outdoor-related topics, reviews and tips.


You may find this information a bit too basic, but it is essential information for people who are into backpacking and trekking through pristine areas. It could also be very useful to travellers who are “caught short.” This product is called the GO anywhere toilet kit. You can have a single one, like the one in the photo, or upgrade to a complete toilet with a portable room.




This small one can be used as it comes. If you are caught short then it is time to open the kit. There is not much in there that you can see, but it packs a lot of hidden punch. First off is that you can use the large plastic bag as the toilet. You can arrange this one as a liner in a bucket if it helps!

This bag has one very clever product in it – Poo Powder – oh yes, this is what it is called! It is a gelling agent, which reacts with liquid to turn it into solid. The best description for this comes from the company’s website and it says “Poo Powder encapsulates solid waste (once activated by a liquid), controls odour and contains a decay catalyst to break down solid waste.”

Although the Poo Powder will continue to work until it has been ‘saturated,’ it is better to add extra Poo Powder if you wanted to use this bag more than once. Containers of Poo Powder are available. The pack even comes with some toilet paper and a hand-wipe, after all it is a complete system. When you have finished with the big bag, you close it up and seal it in the smaller bag, which has a very strong seal on it. Now it is ready to dispose of in a sensible way.

I am sure that there are some people on the road who have decided against having an on-board toilet because of the space and/or weight issue. Well, there is a solution to this. The Cleanwaste GO anywhere total system. This comprises a privacy shelter, portable toilet, 15 toilet kits, a large bag to hold used kits and a backpack to carry it all in. According to the information from the company it weighs in at 8.2kg! You can add a few containers of the Poo Powder to make the 15 kits last longer.


Check out www.ezygonow.com.au for all the details before you add it to your kit bag!


For more information on the GO anywhere toilet kit, GO anywhere total system and to see the full range of Ezygonow products, visit http://ezygonow.com.au/shop/