Ezygonow Waste Treatment Products Australia

Ezygonow Waste Treatment products in the wild

We recently had some great feedback about our products in use so to launch our blog here’s a brief example from Lucas Trihey of Event Safety Services about how Ezygonow products assisted his company with waste treatment whilst working in a remote environment.

At a recent film shoot my business supplied a crew of rope riggers working in the remote and rugged Claustral Canyon in the Blue Mountains with a film maker using a 3D scanner to create a 3D model of the entire canyon. The crew were in the sandstone slot canyon for four days a week – working, eating and sleeping.

The Ezygonow waste bags were an important part of how we managed the crew in the canyon and allowed us to operate safely, hygienically and with minimal environmental impact in this pristine location.

For coming expeditions and events in other remote parts of Australia including the Simpson Desert I’ll be taking Ezygonow bags.

Lucas Trihey
Event Safety Services

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